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Yes... But no...

Overall very beautiful and well made case but I am forced to carry it for the moment in a bag because the buttons are too thin and do not hold. I am the host of a YouTube channel and I will soon be producing a tutorial dedicated to the Meshstatic network. We will be able to see your box but I don't know if I will talk about it for the reason mentioned above. In addition, important shipping costs: 16 euros. I have paid a customs tax of 16 euros. A nasty surprise! Thank you Brexit! In this case, I cannot recommend your product. Sincerely, Gaël - YouTube channel "Rando QRP".

Precisely as advertised…

Decent fit and good finish. A nice design which snugly fits the T-Deck and makes a very nice, tidy setup. It’s fairly snug inside with the recommended battery so the speaker needs relocating to the side opening. GPS board fits snugly but you may have fun getting the antenna into place!

Great little case

What a brilliantly engineered case for your Heltec V3 meshtastic board. Room insde for a GPS unit as well as battery.

Great Cases

Ordered 4 cases, for the T-Beam Supreme.
Great customer service, I asked for the details such as button sizes and windows and button covers. All came nicely packaged and protected with all the hardware.
Items fitted very well. (opted to use the slightly looser button in the end). this is a personal preference thing.
Very Happy and would recommend. I will be buying from this store again.

Well designed sturdy case, and first class service

First I must mention the service. I received the case the very next day after ordering it. It took a little time to work out how all the parts fitted together, but it soon because apparent that a lot of thought had gone into the design.
All the parts required are included in the kit. I'd highly recommend this sturdy case.

Brilliant print quality, and arrived super quickly.

I can't wait to get more things printed now!

T beam case

Lovely well printed case for my T Beam 😎👍🏻

Highly recommend.

I ordered a case for the RAK wisblock and within the blink of an eye it was delivered, well packaged and printed to a high standard by what appears to be a good printer and using good materials.

I am now waiting for the RAK unit itself but I will be back!

A wicked bit of kit !

A well made case which fitted like a glove.
An easy install with minimal messing about and the end result looks the part !


Plenty of room in the case for batteries etc. recommended.

Got the Heltec v3 Universal to replace an inferior case

My old cases (not from 3D Chicken) melted in the car and conservatory so I posted to East Midlands Meshtastic on FB and Scott Aitcheson Chicken pointed to to one of these.
It is superb quality and construction, I love the pcb support plate that ensure correct alignment and the screws and nuts to hold it together safely. These go into hexagonal shaped recesses making tightening easier. I was only hampered by the lack of internal photos or diagram for assembly. The Push buttons work well but would benefit from being a little longer, say 1.5mm? Also I had to cut the case to fit the antennas wider plug/socket, would be nice if this was taken into account. Here my video review YouTube video placeholder
Like a glove

Fits perfectly, ( pigtail, GPS, speaker, 5000 amp battery

Great service, prompt delivery and trustworthy payment system. Definitely recommended and definitely using 3D CHICKEN again. ⭐

Excellent fit and feel

Was expecting worse but this is really one of the best enclosures I've had for the T Deck. Everything fits perfectly

Heltec V3 Case / Enclosure for Meshtastic (Mini & Standard)
Excellent enclosure

Very well made and fitting enclosure for my heltec v3. Was expecting worse but I was wrong. USB C fits tightly, as do the antenna and buttons. Recommended